I MUST HEAR HIS VOICE!- by Katherine Murray

Hearing God has been a journey of first discovering that God wants to speak to me personally and secondly that He has a lot to say!  I became a believer of Jesus as a child at age six. Throughout my childhood and well into my adulthood I believed God only spoke to a person to call them to be a pastor or missionary, or maybe to warn them about sin or danger. It would be only a rare and sporadic ‘speaking’. Apart from that I did not believe God really spoke much and certainly not within a personal relationship. I had no paradigm for an intimate God. A crisis in my late 20s led me to cry out to God in a way I had not previously and He made Himself very real to me. I had an encounter with His manifest presence! God’s peace came upon me and He brought me through the crisis. I would never be the same. I wanted to keep this new personal connection and so each morning I would take a few minutes to deliberately connect with God from my heart. I would turn to the Psalms and let Jesus highlight a verse or passage that would be His fresh word to me for that day. I had begun to hear!

My listening journey continued with God revealing that He truly wanted to have a personal relationship with me and that He wanted to talk with me…and never stop! He led me to receive a tonne of inner healing which took me to a new level in hearing God and being able to live in a personal and intimate relationship with Him. I remember thinking after my first inner healing session that I felt plugged in to Jesus for the first time in my life. I continued to be deliberate and intentional in tuning in to hear God and to be in His Presence.

God would take me to a new level of hearing Him following a move to Kamloops. A friend suggested we attend a prophetic conference given by “Samuels Mantle”. As a teenager I had been to some Christian youth conventions and camps but not anything as an adult. This conference was a watershed in my life. The theme of the conference was “Power in the Rest”. God used the conference as a whole to launch me into the next level of relationship with Him and personal transformation. My experience in the presbytery and during the ministry time took me deeper into the realm of Holy Spirit with God confirming to me so much of what He was saying to me and how He was leading me in my life. I would subsequently go on to do a Samuels Mantle Dream Seminar and take the first year Samuels Mantle class with my homegroup in Kamloops. The tools I have learned through Murray’s teaching in Samuels Mantle have enriched my ability to hear God and to live by His Spirit.

The teaching Murray Dueck gives through Samuels Mantles is unique – there is truly nothing else like it! It opened up to me the many realms of talking with God through His language of symbolism. There is truly a flood of revelation to be had! There are several things that I think set Murray & Samuels Mantle apart from other prophetic schools or teaching workshops. Murray is committed to keeping the focus of his teaching on relationship with Jesus and personal interaction with Him, which is deeper than just learning a tool with which to hear God to get answers. For example, in the dream seminar I attended, Murray made dream interpretation about a conversation with Jesus and not about figuring out an answer to a riddle. I love the focus on intimacy with God!  As well, Murray is committed to emphasizing character development with Jesus which helps to be transformed by His Spirit. It is a very rich approach to hearing God!

God continues to help me grow and learn to listen better in hearing Him. I have made mistakes but God has taught me it is okay to make mistakes as I am learning and that has been very freeing!

Hearing God is such an essential component to my living as His bride, to my life as the daughter of Papa Daddy God, of being in relationship with Holy Spirit. It is an integral part of abiding and a must for me in order to fulfill my destiny. Hearing His voice is a lifeline – I must hear His voice!

Katherine Murray

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