Awakening the Dreamer – Murray Dueck

On April 18th and 19th,2012, Murray was invited to teach at the Awakening the Dreamer Conference at Lion of Judah in Victoria B.C. to listen- please use the links below.  We hope you are blessed!

Wednesday- Part One 
Wednesday- Part Two
Thursday- Part One
Thursday- Part Two
 ‘Although we receive dreams while we are asleep, their primary purpose is to awaken the dreamer. Although a dream comes while we are resting, it is designed to revive us. Dreams come from our subconscious to alert our conscious mind to see what is essential for us to see. The wisdom and revelation from a dream will equip us for life’s journey. If we stop dreaming we start dying. If we begin to loose hope for the future, we stop living. Dreams answer questions, reveal wisdom, give counsel, and direct & instruct us….but most of all, dreams infuse the heart with God’s hope, faith, and love.’

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