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Author-Murray Dueck

Forward by- Graham Cooke

In this book you will find over 50 “Filling Stations”or activations designed to help you understand all that you sense and feel happening in the world around you.  With these practical activities, you will discover how to respond appropriately and how to step into and release the presence of God.

Many of us are very sensitive to:

  • The feelings and moods of others – we sense if people are happy or sad, even if they do not say so.
  • Different meetings, services, and get together s – we can tell if gatherings are peaceful and safe, or troubled and heavy.
  • The presence of God – we can tell if the Spirit of God is grieved and held back or free to be among His people.
  • Warfare – from region to region we are aware of how different towns and areas feel.
  • Burden Bearing – In prayer, and sometimes without our knowledge, we can pick up God’s heart for those around us.
  • The effects of our own wounding on our discernment.
  • Our own personal need to find the resting place in the midst of it all!

The different things we spiritually sensitive people can “pick up”is a long list and often if we come to the conclusion that what we are experiencing is “just us” we find ourselves feeling quite lost and adrift. Statements like “What is wrong with me?” or “I need to get it together!” can be common experience. Often the issue is our spirit is discerning something on the list above but our mind tells us nothing is wrong and to just “get over it.” What are we to do? We are to learn that we are in fact made spiritually sensitive by God for a reason, to understand what is happening in the spiritual realm around us, and then see what our spiritual sensitivity can really do- usher in the presence of the Lord…for if you are spiritually sensitive you have a call on your life – to be a Keeper of the Presence of God!

The book “Keepers of the Presence,”will break down these areas and more so you will begin to recognize what you are experiencing when and how to step into the resting place with Jesus in the midst of it. As well the book has over 50 different activations that will help the reader discover their sensitivity, understand what they are experiencing – and learn to release the presence of God in the midst of it.

The sections of the book are broken down into bite size chunks to help the reader walk through their spiritual sensitivity as a journey of discovery: Thus the subtitle “The Road-map to Spiritual Sensitivity and God’s Presence.” I think ‘roadmap’ was the best description I could come up with for this book.

So there you go! This book is basically my journey of discovery of the wonderful mystery of spiritual sensitivity, the discovery of the presence of God in the midst of that journey – and how to give it away! So lots of personal stories that I think will keep the book interesting and moving along.

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Have you ever felt like God was trying to tell you something?

Perhaps you dreamt about someone you hadn’t seen in a while and then ran into that person the following day. Maybe a strange story on the evening news grabbed your attention, putting you in a state of pondering. Or perhaps you encountered an odd sight-like the one on the cover of this book-that made you wonder if something was up.

If you can identify with any of the above, chances are you have already been in language school-God’s symbolic language school! Just as Jesus taught his disciples to see the spiritual, symbolic meaning behind everyday events, God has also been urging you to interpret life on a symbolic level, asking, “If this were a dream what would it mean?”

In this book, author Murray Dueck helps you to develop your spiritual eyes, enabling you to glimpse the Kingdom of Heaven shining through everyday life. After reading this book, you will be able to:

-Encounter God in the routine events of life

-See God at work in your church, community, and world

-Pray according to what you see the Father doing

-Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God-not the enemy-is in control of your life

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