Mel says:

Attending Samuel’s Mantle is the most profound spiritual experience I have had with God since I surrendered to Him almost 20 years ago. I am learning to walk in the garden with my Father, and that He loves spending time with me!

The first 5 years of my walk with God were rather “stiff” with little experience of the Spirit other than my conversion, conviction and a few other experiences here and there.

My wife and I attended a Samuel’s Mantle conference a few years ago at the suggestion of a friend who had done all three years and had had, and is having, a wonderful deep experience with the Lord.

Well, we went, and I had a number of very real encounters with God and his love, tenderness and power. Two years later we have begun year 1 and we are having the most blessed of times.

I am now discovering that this relationship and my intimate encounters with Jesus can be a very real daily occurrence!

Mary says:

“Samuel’s Mantle is a hands-on class where you can learn to step out and practice hearing what God speaks to your heart.

The environment is one of encouragement and safety. A place where you sense a freedom to share what God is speaking to your heart and also what you share in small group settings is affirming and encouraging to those around you.

I have learned a new boldness and it is about stepping out in faith so God can do the rest through you. God really does use people. We are His vessels to bring a prophetic word to a dying world.”

Pauline says:

“Samuel’s Mantle, what a blessing! This prophetic training school has impacted my life in multiple ways. I now have an incredible sense of being at home with a community that accepts me as I am, by valuing my prophetic style. I have been sensitized to God’s feelings, which can be overwhelming at times when this facet of the prophetic is foreign to you.

Samuel’s Mantle has helped me to respond by comforting Him or interceding when it is needed. Being also a dreamer, Samuel’s Mantle has given me strategies to explore the deeper meaning of dreams and to interact with messengers and angels in them.

Above all, Samuel’s Mantle has taught me to practice the presence of Jesus daily, by developing a greater intimacy with Him, where I can feel His peace and grace surrounding me at work, as well as at home.”